Our Products


Built-in model. Contains all the electronics for calculating CMV (Compaction Meter Values), RMV (Resonance Meter Value), i.e. double jump operating mode and frequency. Output is available as analogue or digital signals.


A simple and reliable system that displays CMV (Compaction Meter Values), RMV (Resonance Meter Values), i.e. double jumps and frequency in Hertz. Supplied complete with processing unit, A-sensor, and instrument cable.


An easily read “temperature scale” for fast CMV measurments. The high intensity LEDs are visible even in strong sunshine. No languages necessary. The instrument provides a double-jump warning by blinking. A vertical model is also available. It requires only a vibration sensor, since a processor is built into the instrument. It can be connected to a printer.

Compaction Indicator

A diode matrix provides an overview of the area being compacted, which is comparable with the CDS system. It also signals whether or not several passes are required via color codes. The Compaction Indicator can easily be built into the instrument panel.


Our most advanced system. A definable symbol on a display screen continually indicates the roller’s position on the work area. The compaction results are displayed while the roller is in operation.
When the entire work area has been compacted, the CDS system displays all the registered passes side by side. This makes it possible to control compaction more effectively, thus reducing roller passes to a minimum. A GPS can be connected to the CDS system


The CDS system provides a lot of information. CdsView makes it possible to quickly obtain an overall view of compaction results by means of clearly understandable graphics.