- The world's most compact all digital compaction measurement unit for Continuous compaction control -


Everything under control

This is, perhaps, the most user-friendly instrument we have ever made. A quick look at the LED scale gives the driver the compaction value (CMV) instantly.
Here’s an example: the desired CMV is 40. The scale at left shows a CMV = 20. A few more passes are necessary. The middle scale shows that the desired CMV has been reached, and the green light below is lit. On the scale at right, too many unnecessary passes have been made.

Everything important is recorded

If you know where you’ve been and have stored all the CMV values for each point, you can relax.
The instrument can be connected to a printer and a control-strip can be printed out during compaction runs. This makes it easy afterwards to find the areas lacking sufficient compaction, which may need additional passes. Or where reinforcement work needs to be carried out. Weak points requiring spot tests can also be identified. The contractor is able to thoroughly check on the resultant quality layer by layer. This substantially reduces the possibility of settlement variations. The contractor can show and document bearing capacity to his customer. Surfaces having low bearing capacity are directly indicated and can be immediately remedied.

Full Control

From where he sits, the operator can exercise complete control of the compacting results. He can reduce the number of passes to the minimum number necessary to reach the desired CMV values, and thus save both time and money.
When the LED scale begins to blink on and off, it is an alert that the risk for double jumps is fast approaching. By avoiding such conditions, the service life of the drum itself is extended, and the danger of crushing the surface material is reduced.

LED bar-graph display

INPUT: CMV set value
OUTPUT: CMV and frequency — continuous display
CMV min., max. and average — after each registered pass
RMV (double jumps) — the LED scale begins to blink

Easy to learn and work with 
The CompactoBar has no language menus. This makes it easy to learn and easy to work with.
First choose the scale (120 or 40) desired. Press the "Menu" key, and then, using the "Go" key, click forward to the desired CMV value. Press one more time and set the LED scale and the intensity of the frequency display. Press a third time and you are ready to start work. Using the "Go" key, you can also start and stop recording.


The CompactoBarTM consists of

The CompactoBar is a reliable system that stems from our two products; Compaction Indicator and Compactometer. All that is required is a vibration sensor (A-sensor) and the main unit with electronics for signal processing, display, and printout.

Easy To Install

Thanks to its small footprint, the CompactoBarTM is easy to mount anywhere in the cab. It can be mounted on or in the instrument panel or set on a ball-joint mount. Only two cables are needed, which makes the CompactoBar perfect for retrofitting on all existing rollers.
Tailor-made designs are also available.
The CompactoBar can also be mounted on a ball-joint. Model no. 1 can be tipped about 15 deg. in all directions. Model no. 2 can be tipped about 20 deg. forward and 15 deg. backward, and about 90 deg. to each side.
Horizontal or vertical design adds to the mounting flexibility