Compaction IndicatorTM

- Most people can see the difference between green and red-



Diode matrix



The diode matrix gives an overview of the area to be compacted - comparable to the overview of the CDS System. When the corresponding section of the area has been recorded the diode lights up - either green or red depending on the result in comparison to the CMV accept value (calibration). Compaction Indicator shows either green or red compared to the CDS System that shows four (4) gray shades.   INPUT: Strip Length,
CMV accept value

= limit between red and green
OUTPUT: CMV, Frequency, Speed, Trip meter and memory for one area.
If the RMV (double jump) has been too high a yellow diode will indicate this on top of that strip.
The diode is flashing when the corresponding section is being recorded. The diodes show four states - green, red, flashing or off. Each diode represents a length equal to one sixth of the selected strip length (10, 20, 30 m ...). The maximum resolution is thus 10 m compared to 0.5 m of the CDS System.   Keys  
Navigation keys for strip selection and menu control.

Menu key for entering menu mode.

Go key for start recording.



The system includes

  Display unit
(150 x 145 x 30 mm)

Digital Processor
(180 x 105 x 36 mm)

(64 x 58 x 34 mm) + Cable

I-Sensor + Cable

Compaction Indicator Cabling

CDS System connection Cable


Benefits for the end user

Time and money savings - (Contractor)   Quality assurance - (Investor)
Demarcate quickly weak areas and guide necessary improvements !   Attain a uniform compaction !
Reduce the number of roller passes by preventing over-rolling !   Improve compaction by preventing reloosening !
A complete picture results in a faster judgement of when and where compaction is finished !   Increase the confidence that no further improvements are required, before starting the next layer !
Make the selection of representative points for spot tests possible, which reduces the number of tests !   Increased competence will increase the motivation !
Increase the roller’s lifetime by early warning of double jumps !