CdsView 4.02

-Software for handling and analysing compaction data-

CdsView has been upgraded for use with Microsoft Windows. It has tried and tested functions for road and railway projects, which dramatically simplifies keeping track of the degree of compaction. This also makes it easier to decide whether or not additional work is necessary.

The system offers simplified printout: black & white or full color.

The interface is well known to users of the DOS versions.
CdsView handles data from the CDS (Geodynamik’s Compaction System). Here, below are sample display views of the program at work.
Here, one can see which areas have not yet reached the required degree of compaction.
A cross-section of the compacted area that shows actual CMV figures as well as average value calculations.
The EV1 scale represents results from spot tests and the CMV scale registers the values taken from compaction.

CdsView calculates a regression line that represents a linear connection between spot-method results and the corresponding CMV figures. The CMV figures have been calculated by the program as average values taken from three successive measured values registered by the CDS.